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Sympa Mailing Lists

Sympa is a mailing list system provided by ETH IT Services: https://www.ethz.ch/services/en/it-services/catalogue/email-calendar/maillists.html

Useful commands to get info, subscribe and unsubscribe

Send an email to sympa@sympa.ethz.ch with the following subject

Provides the names of lists managed by Sympa: mailto:sympa@sympa.ethz.ch?subject=LISTS
Returns the list of lists to which one is subscribed: mailto:sympa@sympa.ethz.ch?subject=WHICH
SUBSCRIBE listname firstname lastname
Requests sign-up to the specified list. The firstname and lastname parameters are optional: mailto:sympa@sympa.ethz.ch?subject=SUBSCRIBE%20listname%20firstname%20lastname
SIGNOFF listname
Requests sign-off from the specified list: mailto:sympa@sympa.ethz.ch?subject=SIGNOFF%20listname

TIP For more sympa commands please see: https://sympa.ethz.ch/sympa/help/mail_commands

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