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All about IT at IAC
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Leaving IAC

Start here:

General information can be found here:

ETH Account and VPN

  • Administrative-technical employees: ALERT! If you leave ETH, your ETH account (login, VPN, mail, etc.) will be disabled immediately
  • Guests: When your guest period expires the account is deactivated
  • For all others: If you leave ETH, your ETH account (login, VPN, mail, etc.) will be closed after 180 days
  • Log in to https://password.ethz.ch, go to Self Service MOVED TO... Display summary. Check the End date under Operational Data. The end date under Relations is normally 180 days before your account's end date (see above)

ETH Guest Account

  • Without an ETH account you can no longer login to a IAC Linux or Windows system or to the ETH cluster Euler
  • If needed, you can request to get an ETH guest status with an ETH guest account (you should get the same username again).
  • To request an ETH guest account please contact your administrative staff
  • The guest account has to be approved by a budget officer (your professor)
  • For more information please see https://ethz.ch/staffnet/en/employment-and-work/guests.html
  • Most ETH guests are not allowed to have an ETH mailbox. Please save your ETH mails in advance!
  • Employees of an ETH Domain institution (EPFL, Empa, PSI, WSL, EAWAG) can request an ETH mailbox after registration of the guest stay, please contact iac-it@env.ethz.ch
  • If needed we can offer an email forward, please contact iac-it@env.ethz.ch. Please note, the email forward can only be created after your ETH mailbox has been deleted
  • If you need access to Euler resources (CPU, GPU) with a ETH guest account, please contact urs.beyerle@env.ethz.ch

ETH Mailbox

  • Please consider to export and save your mailbox before employment ends
  • Your mailbox will be deleted after 180 days!
  • The only exception: If you continue to work within the ETH Domain (EAWAG, Empa, WSL, PSI, EPFL), you can apply for a ETH guest account with a mailbox

Email Forward

  • We recommend to setup a forward and an autoreply
  • Forward:
  • Autoreply
    • Login to https://mail.ethz.ch/owa/
    • upper right corner, click on the wheel MOVED TO... automatic replies
    • (x) Send automatic replies
    • For example "I'm no longer working at IAC/ETH. Please use my new email foo.bla@bla.ch."
    • Save
  • After 180 days your ETH mailbox will be deleted! Afterward emails to your ETH address will be returned as "unzustellbar"/"undeliverable".



  • IMPORTANT: Your data on ETH Polybox will be deleted as soon as your ETH account expires.
  • IMPORTANT: Local data on your IAC Workstation or Laptop (/lhome, /scratch under Linux, and C: and D: drivers under Windows) will be DELETED !
  • IMPORTANT: Data on lake64:/scratch1 and lake64:/scratch2 will be DELETED !
  • Please clean up your data before leaving!
  • Either transfer the data to your new employer or store it on a personal harddisk
  • If your data should be still used at IAC, we recommend to transfer the data to an IAC user. Please ask iac-linux@env.ethz.ch to change the ownership of the files and folders
  • In general we will not delete data that is stored on a fileserver (like home directories, data on Linux storage servers). But at some point they will be archived or deleted in consultation with user or his/her supervisor
  • As soon as the user account is deactivated, we will archive the home directories (Linux and Windows)
  • Archived data will be DELETED after 10 years !


  • We will not delete any repositories on IAC git or IAC svn server
  • However, if your ETH account expires, you will lose access the above services
  • In case you would like to keep access to your git repositories on IAC git, contact us (iac-git-admin@env.ethz.ch) and we can change your IAC/ETH Gitlab account to a local IAC Gitlab account
  • IMPORTANT: Your repositories on GitHub's under the C2SM organization repositories (C2SM-RCM and C2SM-ICON) will be deleted

ETH Cluster

  • Your account on the ETH Cluster Euler is connected to your ETH account
  • Login to Euler will be no longer possible, when your ETH account has been expired
  • Please clean up your files and folders on Euler including your home under /cluster/home and if existing, your folder on /cluster/work/climate before you leave
  • Your home directory on the ETH cluster under /cluster/home/ will be deleted shortly after your ETH account expires
  • If you are no longer connected to IAC, you will loose the membership of any shareholder group. Even if your ETH account is still valid. See also EulerClimateMembers


  • Your CSCS account is independent to your ETH account. But may depend on a project
  • Please clean up your files and folders at CSCS including your home under /users and your data under /project and /store

Mac Specials

  • When you return your Mac Book Pro or iMac, it will be completely erased and then reinstalled. In case I am not there, please disable 'Find my' location services and log out from your iCloud account. Otherwise the computer will be locked!


  • Clean up your desk and shelves!
  • Don't forget to take all your personal belongings with you
  • Bring back your office key to CAB F 41.1
  • Please pay your coffee debts before you leave!


  • Review your holidays/absences and update them accordingly in the ETHIS system. Please take your holidays before your leaving date!


  • Upon employment termination or in case of non-renewal by ETH, users are obliged to remove all software licenses from their personal computers. All copies must be destroyed and may not be used any more.
  • As long as you are working at ETH, you can order software from https://www.studyhouse.ch. Some software can also be used when you are leaving ETH.

Stay in touch with us

  • Subscribe to the IAC Seminar mailing list to get announcements of IAC seminars and colloquia
  • Please provide an email address that we can use to contact you for Alumni events


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