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Latex don't use any kind of WYSIWYG behavior. You just edit the pure code. After that you have to compile the whole thing to have the final document. For that you need some additional programs (which are mostly installed on many UNIX/Linux systems). The following command sequence (UNIX/Linux) should give you the result your looking for. Be careful where the file extensions are necessary and where they are not allowed!

1. latex diss_main.tex first compilation
2. bibtex diss_main create the reference index
3. makeindex diss_main create the index
4. latex diss_main.tex second compilation (insert the references)
5. latex diss_main.tex third compilation (page numbering)
6. dvips -odiss_main.ps diss_main.dvi convert from dvi to postscript
7. gv diss_main.ps look at the new postscript
8. dvipdf diss_main.dvi diss_main.pdf convert it to .pdf

The file names refer to the examples which is available under documents.


  • For printing with a postscript printer use the file diss_main.ps, for a online version (or for email) use diss_main.pdf instead.
  • Creating a .pdf: the command pdflatex has some troubles with postscript pictures, ps2pdf has some troubles with special characters (like German ), dvipdf seems to work well.

-- JoergMaeder - 20 Dec 2010 spacer

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