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Files for Latex may be edited be any text editor. Some of them give special advantages like highlighting of syntax structure. A good one is Xemacs or his brother Emacs. Both are a little bit cryptic but are very fast if you understand them. The same thing is also true for Latex itself.

Many things in latex are outsourced. In this case you have to explain your computer where it can find the different things (eg.: style files). The following settings should work on the IACETH and explain how you have to configure your computer (if it is a UNIX/Linux machine.

  • Unix Add the following settings to the file ~/.login and do a re-login after it. Probably the settings will also work in files like .cshrc or so.
  • Linux The environment variable TEXINPUTS needs the following entries: /usr/local/lib/tex/inputs and /home/yourname/tex

-- JoergMaeder - 20 Dec 2010 spacer

Changed by maederj on 20 Dec 2010 - 16:34 - r1
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