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Tips Windows

Based on notes by R. Schefold

  1. Download and install mikTeX on your system.
  2. Download and install WinEdt. Memeber of the IACETH may ask Hans Hirter for a serial number.
  3. In WinEdt, choose Options->Configurations->mikTeX direct!
  4. Open the file main tex file in WinEdt
  5. Compilation
    • full compilation: 2x Latex, 1x Accesories->BiBTex, 2x Latex.
    • fast preview: 1x Latex.

Instead of WinEdt the TeXnicCenter from toolscenter.org can be used.

-- JoergMaeder - 20 Dec 2010 spacer

Changed by maederj on 20 Dec 2010 - 16:34 - r1
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